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Infosys in the Winner’s Circle of HfS Industry Blueprint: Banking and Financial Services Operations 2018

Infosys in the Winner’s Circle of HfS Industry Blueprint: Banking and Financial Services Operations 2018

At a time, when banking and financial services (BFS) firms across the globe are struggling to drive growth and profits, a digital transformation is required to overcome the obstacles. There are numerous change agents that offer massive promise for reinvention and disruption. In this regard, Infosys finds mention in the Winner’s Circle of HFS Industry Blueprint: Banking and Financial Services (BFS) Operations 2018 report. The report thoroughly examines the state of the BFS industry and also investigates the service provider landscape in terms of how they are supporting and enabling the digital transformation of BFS firms.

"As HfS strives to evaluate service providers in the same way that buyers do, in terms of their ability to offer solutions and specific business outcomes, we were impressed with Infosys' depth of experience across the full value chain of banking and capital markets operations. The BFS sector continues to demonstrate anemic growth and profit, thus banks are balancing the dual need of bottom line optimization with topline performance. Infosys' ability to meld consulting and design thinking, technology platform and services capabilities and automation-driven operations services offers a compelling value proposition for BFS enterprises and their current challenges. And its increased focused on zero distance initiatives is bringing the firm's practitioners closer than ever to its clients and enabling a nimble fail-fast approach to digital transformation."
- Elena Christopher, Research Vice President, HfS Research

Key highlights from the report:

  • Infosys is rated highly for attracting and retaining talent with the help of its talent reskilling programs
  • Demonstrating co-innovation with clients, Infosys is recognized for collaboration efforts with its clients
  • In terms of growth of industry specific offerings, Infosys is amongst the leaders for innovating new offerings
  • One of the notable developments in support of the BFS sector by Infosys is continued investment in several onshore technologies, design and innovation hubs in the US
  • Infosys has developed joint solutions with fintechs such as Moneythor for personalized recommendations and insights, and a chat based virtual assistant
  • Some other developments include a new externally sourced CEO and the launch of Finacle Trade connect, which is a blockchain based trade finance solution for banks. Infosys has also acquired Brilliant Basics, a product design and customer experience company with depth in BFS

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