Creating talent for tomorrow

The Infosys LPO Academy is a unique investment from Infosys which underscores our commitment to provide clients with talent who can address their most complex business requirements.

The Academy equips aspiring Infosys LPO professionals with structured training on domain knowledge, soft skills, process, and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end business solutions. The Academy identifies skill sets required for optimal execution and delivery of client projects. Our trained resources ensure predictable and sustainable output, while also going beyond transactional benefits — to create transformational outcomes and deliver greater business value for your organization.

The Infosys LPO Academy Framework

Developing competence
Our resources go through a rigorous capability-building process, which includes three levels of certification:

  • T100 – Foundation
  • T200 – Proficiency
  • T300 – Expertise

Eligibility criteria for certification

  • Qualifying certification exam with a minimum score of 75%

Training mechanism

  • Classroom training – domain, soft skills, technical and process skills
  • Technology-assisted learning – domain and technical
  • Self-learning
  • Peer-knowledge-sharing and mentoring

Evaluation mechanism

  • Infosys Proprietary Online System — Linked to performance management system for identification of training needs
  • Infosys Proprietary Knowledge Dissemination and Assessment Tool — Web-based tool to manage knowledge dissemination and enable automated evaluation mechanisms

*Disclaimer: Infosys BPM/LPO is not a law firm and any of its services or solutions do not constitute legal advice

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