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Online processing of income tax returns for the Government Of India

The client

The Income Tax department is a government body, and an arm of the Central Board of Revenue of India. It is responsible for administering the Income Tax Act as per the Constitution of India.

Business need

The Income Tax department needed a comprehensive system for e-filing, processing and refunding income tax returns. It was also looking to expedite the process.

  • Expediting the processing of returns and issue of refunds, thereby encouraging tax payers to e-file returns
  • Develop software to process income tax returns and tax accounting
  • Data entry of income tax returns filed electronically and manually
Our solution

The Infosys team set up an IT-CPC, a centralized processing center for all IT-related processes where all the filed returns were directed validated, scanned, digitized, processed, and printed.

  • The team managed the Project Management Office (PMO) activity involving coordination between client and vendors that was vital to implement the project
  • Created the solution for transitioning the process from AO location to the CPC that included receipt of electronic returns directly to CPC
  • Worked with the client and ITL to create technological infrastructure for execution of activities
  • Managed the contractual and legal provisions of the work order with the various vendors
  • Regularly monitored the quality and productivity of various vendors with the help of audit team
  • Significant reduction in cost
  • More people e-filing returns
  • Refunds were issued within three months of a tax filing
  • A call center was set up for answering tax payer queries
  • Refined processes were established for e-filing IT returns

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