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Shared services center for a department under the Central Government of India

The client

The Income Tax department is a government body, and an arm of the Central Board of Revenue of India. It is responsible for administering the Income Tax Act as per the Constitution of India.

Business need

The department had a comprehensive system for reporting and processing the reported records of their end users. Their objective was to:

  • Reduce the number of defaults due to incorrect data submission by the end users
  • Ensuring identification of all the defaults correctly as per the governing act
  • Increase the genuine default closure rate
  • Reduce the statement processing time
  • Bring in more transparency in the system and make the whole process end-user friendly
  • Identify probable fraud cases
  • Difficult process leading to data entry errors and reduced default closures
  • Complexity of the business rules defined in the governing act due to their conflicting interpretations
  • Errors in implemented business rules
  • Dependency on multiple databases and vendors
Our solution

Infosys conducted an in-depth review of the business and defined processes from scratch:

  • Designed a new process for statement filing, processing and communication
  • Developed a website to facilitate online filing, two-way communication (via ticketing system), and default closures
  • Set up a data processing and support center
    • Invested in infrastructure, hardware and equipment, database and disaster recovery site
    • 100 resources for system development and technical support
    • Contact center supporting inbound, outbound calls and mail support
    • 150 resources for day-to-day operations and maintenance of the system
    • Created a comprehensive automated analytics system, generating more than 50 reports for fraud management
  • Processed transactions worth more than INR 400 billion within a year of operation
  • Identified defaults worth more than INR 30 billion and incremental defaults of more than INR 150 million
  • Approximately 1 million registered users availed the benefits of the new website within a year of launch
  • Online correction ensures one-click payment to the genuine defaults and correction of the defaults due to data errors
  • The contact center set up by Infosys BPM handles more than 5,000 calls/requests per day
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