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Mortgage Origination Platform

Mortgage Origination solution

Infosys BPM offers an integrated end-to-end platform and process outsourcing solution based on hosted software as well as processes in a managed services model with variable pricing.

Our offerings include:

  • Mortgage Origination Platforms - support retail, wholesale and correspondent channels
  • Implementation services
  • Platform maintenance and support
  • Operations outsourcing (across registration, pre-underwriting, underwriting, closing and post-closing
  • Infrastructure management / hosting
Lack of integrated offerings across the origination value chain
  • Origination platform supports the entire mortgage loan origination value chain including lead management and customer acquisition, application processing, underwriting, closing and funding
  • End-to-end operations management capabilities
One-stop shop for end-to-end lending process automation and process management
Retail channels gaining prominence at the expense of broker and correspondentSupport for multiple parties within loan channels – wholesale, retail, correspondent, brokerCapitalization of business opportunities within a single platform
Decreasing originations and increasing loan modification cases leading to fluctuating staffing requirementsReady availability of trained and deployable resources with experience spanning the entire mortgage value chain
  • Ramp up and downsize staff as the market demands from time to time
  • Lenders can prepare for cyclical changes in business in a better way
Aligning cost structures to business volumes"Pay as you go" - variable pricing model per loan origination and servicingBetter cost predictability
Increasing regulatory complianceRobust regulatory compliance and reporting featuresAdherence to regulatory requirements

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