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Infosys BPM offerings for retail banking

Historically, banks have looked at growth in their lending portfolio as a key business performance indicator. Today however, given the volatility of the global economy, the loans portfolio at most banks is challenged with reduced growth.

Banks have now shifted towards looking at other imperatives like exploring avenues to consolidate their position in the market, increasing profits by reducing cost of income, and realizing minimal-to-zero capital expenditure through channels that include outsourcing.

Infosys BPM delivers comprehensive outsourcing options in domains like deposit and payment operations.

Challenges and opportunities

In recent times, retail banks around the globe have struggled to impress and retain customers. Differentiating on price and product innovation is becoming increasingly difficult, and banks face the added complications of changing customer preferences and increasingly stringent regulations.

Partnering with Infosys can help you address many of your pressing challenges – improving cross-selling or up-selling to existing customers, moving to a variable cost structure, enhancing customer experience, simplifying and improving business processes and transformations, accelerating speed to market, and assimilating acquisitions.

Our offerings

Infosys BPM offerings for retail banking

Infosys BPM offers retail banking back-office services for large- and mid-sized banks – with a large team of experienced talent, who are part of the dedicated banking and capital markets practice at Infosys BPM. Our practice has matured over a decade of operations, and now offers a comprehensive breadth of services to clients across various segments.

Our solutions combine domain knowledge, process management, and technology to deliver increased operational efficiency, better customer management, and improved quality at low operational risk. We are able to add significant value to our clients through functional centers of excellence, on-time and rapid transition, and transformational benefits over the lifecycle of the engagement. In doing so, we have demonstrated the ability to continuously improve upon processes and have a proven track record of passing on both monetary and non-monetary benefits to clients.

Our retail banking credentials encompass the length and breadth of deposit operations and payment processing. These key operations areas can be enabled with our technology platforms and supported by our enterprise wide-service offerings such as fraud management and risk operations.

The Infosys BPM advantage

Our solutions differentiate us within a highly competitive industry. These solutions are based on three pillars: productivity gains, risk management, and operations excellence.

  • Seamless business transition: We have successfully migrated over 200 processes using our eSCM and ISO-certified transition methodology.
  • Business transformation capability: At Infosys, we consider business transformation as a way of life and not just a lever to enhance clients’ value. Within the retail banking offerings set, transformation has been employed successfully in increasing client benefits and driving process improvements. We have successfully explored gain sharing models that portray our flexibilty in achieving not only client objectives but also our own business objectives.
  • Tools and point solutions: Created by leveraging the knowledge of our consultants and practitioners, these solutions cater to specific needs of the client within their overall operational landscape.
  • A dedicated knowledge services group: Provides value added services in the areas of fraud operations support, credit research and analysis, equity research, economics research, industry and company analysis, financial planning and accounting, presentation support, and desktop publishing.
  • Functional Centers of Excellence: Our Bank in a Box Solution is based on our industry-leading solution – Infosys Finacle. We have invested in building our retail banking expertise through a Finacle Center of Excellence. This unit is focused on adding business value to customers – both external and internal alike – within our retail banking service offerings portfolio.

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