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Inventory Planning

Manages fluctuating demand from EMS and OEM customers while meeting inventory and fulfillment targets

Our Inventory Planning Offering

Outsourcing Inventory Management 
Product distributors have to manage fluctuating demand from EMS, OEM customers while meeting inventory and fulfillment targets
  • Receives rolling EDI and manual forecasts from customers and supply chain partners; helps them identify and resolve exceptions
  • Forecasts are translated into orders and inventory allocated, through material bonding
  • Integrated process to manage fulfillment and provide customers an ATP (Available to Promise) capability through:
  1. Expediting orders through shortage reports, Central Expedite
  2. Exploring alternative suppliers through product management groups
  • Delivers business metrics through:
  1. Process excellence and best practices (e.g. Triage, flushing) through a team of domain-certified material planners several of whom are industry-certified from bodies such as APICS and IIMM
  2. Ability to build strong relationships with inside sales teams of clients, suppliers and customer teams

In an environment of single digit margins, Infosys BPM's contribution is critical to improving customer satisfaction while increasing inventory turns

  • Global Inventory Management COEs for each client to manage 30-50% of planning effort
  • Streamlines order expedite, inventory release functions and eliminates effort duplication; handles between 20,000 to 50,000 requests a week

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