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Infosys BPM offerings for Process Manufacturing and Resources

Infosys BPM Process Manufacturing and Resources offering works with companies in the chemicals, agriculture, construction, metals / mining, paper / pulp, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

We observe industry trends to address challenges and provide best-fit solutions using proprietary technology platforms, the Global Delivery Model (GDM), benchmark repositories, and more. To name a few, our portfolio of services / solutions include legal process outsourcing, sustainability reporting, inventory analytics, and value chain analysis.

As a testimony to our expertise in the process manufacturing and resources sector, we have received accolades such as Outsourcing Excellence Award from Alsbridge, Industry Excellence Awards, and Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Smart Services.

Most industry players are in the early part of the outsourcing journey in a unionized environment with significant reluctance to change. Talent attraction and retention along with cost optimization in the face of decreasing commodity prices are also key challenges.

Our Process Progression Model (PPM) methodology in solutions helps demonstrate the benefits of outsourcing across value chains by improving performance, operational efficiency, and effectiveness in a phased manner. Partnering with companies through process outsourcing creates mutual shareholder value and infuses SLA-driven rigor to continually raise the bar.

Some of our niche solutions for the process manufacturing and resource industries include:

Unique BPO services offerings for Process Manufacturing and Resources

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