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A consumer-driven marketplace, a proliferation of new technologies, and an increased focus on convergence of telecom, television and the Internet – these have created a perfect storm of disruptions that may seem unmanageable to media and entertainment (M&E) enterprises. But we view these disruptions through the lens of opportunity, as catalysts for innovation that can make your enterprise more agile, connected, and consumer-centric.

The business model in each M&E industry segment is changing – be it publishing, music, studios and networks, or new media. And new business models call for new operating efficiencies – where your BPM partner gives you the right mix of expertise in processes and technology, along with thought leadership that counts.

See new technologies through the eyes of the consumer: We believe that it is not the technology advances in itself but the focus on the consumer needs that is the real driver for the M&E industry. And the consumer is demanding the freedom to consume the content, anywhere, any time and on any device. Increasingly, the device of choice for content consumption is the handheld device. Partner with Infosys BPM to master the forces of change and deliver any content, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Shift from ‘push’ to ‘engage’: Today, consumers purchase their content online from one device, store it out of the way (on the ‘cloud’), and consume it at will from any other device. In such a world, ‘discoverable in-demand content’ and positive social mentions have a huge impact on the ‘monetizability’ of content. In the face of falling revenues and rising production costs, you can no longer afford to keep pushing content – it has to be researched in-depth, discoverable and engaging. Infosys BPM can help you achieve these objectives.

Infosys BPM has a holistic array of service offerings for all segments of the M&E industry – designed to enhance your revenue generation initiatives across content and advertising, while reducing your cost of operations and SG&A costs.

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