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Customer-centric solutions

Sales and Fulfillment

The CPG sales and fulfillment cycle involves a complex flow of goods, information and money due to interactions with multiple vendors, business partners and internal departments, multiple checks and controls, processing of multiple documents, transactions involving a large number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), etc.

The Infosys BPO Sales and Fulfillment practice adopts a metrics-driven approach to help CPG companies enhance customer satisfaction, leading to top-line growth and inventory turns. It enables better asset utilization through continuous process improvements, enhanced visibility and smooth interactions across departments.


Trade Funds Management

The management of promotions and discounts offered by manufacturers is complex due to the multiple layers of promotions, discounts and ad hoc promotions, and assumption-based category sales objectives. A majority of manufacturers provide retailers with trade discounts, quantity discounts, seasonal discounts, etc., adding to the complexity of trade promotions in terms of volume, price and process. This complexity must be addressed with a well-integrated, effective trade promotions cycle.

Trade Funds Management

Infosys' Trade Promotions Management (TPM) solution maximizes effectiveness across the TPM process – planning, execution and monitoring promotions. Our solution enhances efficiency and revenues through strategic alignment, enhanced visibility, superior analytics, and integrated processes.

  • Relieves the sales organization from non-core sales assignments
  • Allows tracking and monitoring of the performance of trade promotions
  • Enhances efficiency
  • Improves data quality and analytics of executed promotions

Customer Relationship Management

CPG manufacturers outsource customer interaction and support functions to reduce costs, without impacting the level of customer service provided. Most customer interactions in the CPG industry relate to consumer and customer service, online sales support and helpline. Infosys has a robust portfolio of clients whom we support across multiple shifts and geographies, enabling significant cost savings.


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