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The Infosys BPO Retail practice adopts 'Lean manufacturing' pioneered by Toyota. Our Lean Store Solution covers the three key areas of retail store operations:

Lean Store Solution

In-store layout
An optimal store layout maximizes sales per square foot. A store plan that understands the nature of the products sold in the store improves visibility, movement across the store, visual merchandising and the checkout process. Infosys offers store planning solutions for assortment planning and space optimization to enhance the shopping experience.

In-store merchandising
Merchandising is not confined to the arrangement of products on a retail shelf. It accounts for the customer experience from the time of entry into the store till exit, and understands the shopping patterns. Infosys' solution optimizes the macro and micro retail space with planograms and store-specific assortment analytics. Our 'pull vs. push' strategy combined with relevant data and analytics, and compliance monitoring enhances the customer experience.

In-store labor
Determining staffing levels is a crucial decision in retail operations that affects profitability, quality of service and experience at stores. Infosys' solution enables consolidation of the labor management process outside the store, freeing up store personnel from non-value-added assignments. Our integrated workforce management system reduces labor costs, improves Return on Investment, reduces customer queues, and the amount of time spent by store managers on payroll and labor scheduling.

  • Frees up vital resources for value-added activities
  • Implements a consistent method of work that delivers the right merchandising, product, people, and leadership through technology
  • Maximizes shelf availability and product visibility

Sales and fulfillment

Rising consumer expectations, tailored shopping experience and increased costs are some of the challenges faced by retailers. Retailers need to transform their businesses and optimize costs to improve time-to-market, provide an enhanced shopping experience, and pass on cost savings to customers.

Infosys' Sales and Fulfillment solution helps retailers save costs, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage by enhancing inventory turns and reducing cycle times with a global operating model.



Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) presents a unique challenge to retail companies due to the large volume of items, vendors and customers, and frequent changes to item attributes. Multiple legacy systems and disparate ownership of item attributes complicate the maintenance of accurate data records.


Master Data Management

Infosys' Master Data Management solution creates a robust and responsive master data foundation. Our MDM solution manages data across items, vendors and customers to ensure data quality. It consolidates disparate and conflicting records to provide users with a unified and accurate master data.

The Infosys BPO-IDLM Platform solution leverages deep domain expertise and predictable offshore delivery capabilities of Infosys BPO and TIBCO's Collaborative Information Manager (CIM) and partner products to provide a unified view of data across the enterprise. It ensures process discipline in information management.

  • Reduces time-to-market through faster setup of new items, suppliers and customers
  • Provides an integrated view across the enterprise, enabling innovation and faster introduction of products
  • Reduces downstream supply chain inefficiencies through improved data quality and ownership
  • Ensures better control and visibility of supplier, product and customer data
  • Helps key client resources to focus on critical business and customer-facing processes
  • Ensures consolidation-driven efficiencies and process improvements
  • Reduces costs by leveraging Infosys' Global Delivery Model
  • Ensures integration of inorganic growth with a rapidly scalable operating model
  • Enables robust and predictable implementation by combining technology and integration expertise
  • Adopts a phased implementation approach based on the client's process maturity and financial requirements
  • Offers flexible hosting options including in-firewall and vendor-hosted models

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