Career Opportunities

If you are interested in embarking on a career at Infosys Portland then contact us today!

Infosys Portland is looking for people who:

  • Continually challenge themselves to develop new skills
  • Love achieving results by working in a team
  • Enjoy solving complex problems through logic and collaboration
  • Over-deliver against tight timelines and challenging targets
  • Expect to have a work life balance

Benefits of working at Infosys Portland include:

  • Accelerated personal skills and capabilities development
  • Exposure to a wide range of industries and businesses
  • Access to clients' senior management and decision-making teams
  • Satisfaction of staying the distance to see the results, not just the report
  • Opportunity to contribute to a rapidly growing business

Those who succeed at Infosys Portland combine operational excellence with the ambition to make our clients successful. Our recruitment process assesses technical capability, strategic thinking, and cultural fit to find that rare mix.

At Infosys Portland, we don’t just fill a vacancy. We look for someone who can contribute to our growth and who we, in turn, can help equip and develop into well-rounded professionals.

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