Procurement Services

Procurement Services - Why Infosys Portland:

Our expertise coupled with the ability to attract and retain outstanding people has allowed us to differentiate our service offerings from generalist competitors, making us the supplier of choice for Australia’s most successful companies.

Consulting - Clients engage our procurement consulting services for a number of reasons, including:

  • Seeking to drive a rapid change/turnaround in their business performance underpinned by a step change in procurement performance
  • Not having sufficient internal capabilities in the areas of Infosys Portland’s expertise and are seeking to augment their capability and up-skill their internal team(s)
  • Having strong internal capabilities but are under-resourced to achieve their goals and targets within the required time frame
  • Seeking to undertake a major structural/transformational change and need support developing and implementing the right solution
  • Having advanced capabilities and resources but are seeking an external party to challenge the status quo and bring in new ideas

Outsource - Clients also turn to Infosys Portland to outsource components of their supply chain planning and operations in order to:

  • Access leading-edge, category knowledge through our team of deep subject matter experts in categories that are non-core to their own business
  • Access additional procurement capability in a market that is short of procurement talent, allowing them to refocus resources on more strategic categories
  • Access leading practice technology and processes on a variable cost basis, for example per event or category
  • Access specialist procurement operations capabilities to increase team output and reduce cycle time for procurement activities

We provide bespoke, flexible and practical solutions for our clients which can incorporate elements of both project-based (consulting) services, implementation support and outsourced services, depending on the desired outcomes.

Contact us now to receive a specific case study in a particular industry or service area

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