Supply Chain Services

Outsourced Supply Chain Operations

Getting the right balance between customer service and working capital is oftentimes a struggle. Our specialist team supported by our leading-edge, cloud-based forecasting, replenishment and optimisation tool will help your business grow its sales, improve stock turns and minimise stock write offs.

Our services are further categorised into:

Demand Forecasting
  • Multiple algorithms deployed to deliver the best baseline forecast
  • S&OP processes deployed to capture market intelligence and agree a single forecast number for your business
  • Setting of Min / Max levels at retail or wholesale level
  • Time phased replenishment
  • Distribution resource Planning
Inventory Optimisation
  • Dynamic safety stock calculation
  • “What If” scenario analysis
  • Surplus stock management
Visibility and Reporting
  • Full inventory visibility
  • Regular executive and exception reporting
  • Potential Out of Stocks, surplus stock, forecast accuracy

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