About the Event

With technology becoming the key differentiator in determining the new role of procurement, risk management has surfaced as a critical aspect to look at. While traditionally, risk management have had massive impact on the supply chain that further leads to supply disruption at various levels, the new age businesses have realized the need for a more comprehensive and predictive approach for risk management.

Global Supply Chain Institute stated that only 25% of the companies are aware of their end-to-end supply chain and assess it for risk. However, with change in business behavior towards becoming more integrated and bringing all the stakeholders to a single point, there has been a shift in focus to invest in technologies such as blockchain technologies to strengthen the weak links in supply chain.

In the round table discussion, our eminent panelist will come together to discuss and brainstorm on intriguing aspects such as:

  • Is supply risk management a renewed focus area post covid?
  • What are the types of supply chain risks that should be addressed by Procurement?
  • What has your organization done to address supply chain risks?
  • What are the key challenges in implementing a robust risk management policy in Procurement?
  • Are there good digital solutions in the market for supply chain risk management?

Register for an intriguing discussion and hear from the experts about the best practices and their seamless implementation of sustainable procurement practices.

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