About the Event

While sustainable procurement was paving its way to the forefront of business continuity plan, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 amplified its importance live never before. This led to significant changes in business strategies, corporate decisions and procurement protocol. Although, organizations looking foreword to grow sustainable are adhering to the framework set for sustainable procurement ethics, leaderships and teams are looking for a concrete and implementation strategies.

Through our round table discussion, the eminent panelists will bring forth the aspects require to ensure implementation of sustainable procurement practices.

Our session on sustainable procurement, alongside dwelling through the best practices and criteria for Sustainable Procurement in organizations is designed to identify, highlight and frontline the below key points of sustainable procurement.

  • What does Sustainability and ESG mean to you in context of Procurement?
  • How do you think Procurement can proactively contribute to these aspects for an organization?
  • What has your Procurement organization done towards sustainability and ESG?
  • Is sustainability and ESG high on the priorities of CPOs?
  • What are the key challenges in implementing strategies to fulfill the goals towards sustainability and ESG targets of Procurement?

Register for an intriguing discussion and hear from the experts about the best practices and their seamless implementation of sustainable procurement practices.

Join us today to make a difference!