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As industries slowly begin the road to recovery, it is time to evaluate the reeling impact of the pandemic on the travel industry, and explore the way forward. With “stay home, stay safe” becoming the new lifestyle, travel has taken a back seat momentarily.

However, the travel industry has shown resilience through all the ups and downs, and is now at a deflection point. In this edition of SpendBytes, we evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on supply side of business travel and explore digitization as the way forward.

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Corporate travel post covid


With remote working, digital meetings, and video conferencing becoming the New Normal, has the face of business travel changed?

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The aftermath of COVID-19 on travel industry is unfathomable. The depth of losses in four main supply markets involved in business travel speaks for the volume of damage caused.

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Covid-19 impacting the tourism industry
Resurrecting travel industry


Industries across the globe have adopted technology and moved towards digitization. How will technology change the face of travel in coming times?

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