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Cloud computing, native mobility, social collaboration, and AI-assisted decision-making are just a few of the new technologies that are influencing business strategies these days. Many business operations have recorded significant impacts due to technological interventions. Procurement processes and supply chain activities have experienced remarkable transformations. However, it is critical to understand and implement the right tools and technology required for the organisation, to tap the full potential of these technologies.

In this edition, we feature articles that showcase the role IoT and other technological advancements can play in empowering procurement.

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With consumer demands becoming more dynamic each day, Consumer Goods companies are tasked with sourcing from a growing roster of suppliers to keep up. Rather than just aiming for cost savings and increased efficiencies, what if businesses could take this as an opportunity to gather the right intelligence to yield a 360—degree view into the future?

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With technology taking centre stage in business operations, IoT (Internet of Things) has become more than just a phrase. In procurement, IoT gives the ability to understand real-time inventory levels, visibility of the quantity needed for requisitioning and can even initiate purchase order releases to suppliers. Learn about other areas in procurement where the use of IoT can be beneficial.

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The success of any business venture relies heavily on efficient supply chain management systems. Increasing the visibility within the supply chain to identify roadblocks such as stock-outs or bottlenecking, likewise, become imperative. Hence, let us look at how supply chain visibility can help companies track & monitor goods more efficiently than ever before so they can reap maximum benefits from their logistics operations.

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