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Thank you for your warm and encouraging response to 'SPENDBYTES ISSUE 1' last month- we are indeed thrilled! We’ve taken into account the valuable feedback you shared with us. In this edition we focus on some procurement peeves from you as we further explore technologies that continue to disrupt the world of procurement. We’ve lined up some interesting snippets: IT disruptions in procurement, how the world of Blockchain meets Procurement to deliver an evolved supply chain; and also a peek into one of our success stories: on how we leveraged RPA to standardize a client’s procurement landscape.

Happy to hear from you on your suggestions, feedback and potential topics of interest for our future editions.


The Editorial Team

Blockchain In Procurement


Where does Procurement meet the Blockchain?

In his blog, published by Forbes India, Mykhaylo Savchenko, Operations Manager, Infosys, talks about ‘Smart Contracts’ and the ‘cognitive approach’ to Blockchain.

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6 Disruptive IT Software Trends in Procurement to look out for!

This section houses contextual snackable insights relevant for us in procurement.

In this edition, we discuss how key IT Software Trends will impact the procurement landscape: from cloud services, subscription-based models, advanced analytics, security, user-experience, machine-learning and real-time intelligence.

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IT Software Trends in Procurement
Robotic Process Automation Procurement


How did robotics help a multinational mining company set standards in procurement accuracy and efficiency? This case study traces our approach in delivering operational savings, among other benefits, through Robotic Process Automation!

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Sarah Keats


Read about unique experiences and personal insights from our procurement professionals across the globe.

In this edition, meet Sarah Keats, our Senior Principal, North America from Infosys Chicago.

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The Infosys Roundtable @ProcureCon Europe:

Infosys was a sponsor for the event and our team anchored a roundtable on ‘The Emerging Procurement Paradigm – Procurement Vision 2020’ where interesting insights and evolving trends in procurement were discussed.

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