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In this edition of SpendBytes, we examine the various trends and challenges involved in travelling, and how can sourcing & procurement help ensure a seamless experience when it comes to traveling. We talk about the evolving automation in meetings and events, and the need to have a comprehensive mobile travel policy. We also share a success story about deploying digitization solutions to enhance the traveler satisfaction and reduce credit risks for an Australian client.

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Automation at Meetings & Events - Market Insights


Meetings and events related sourcing process is automated for some time with many dedicated sourcing platforms, but there are clear signs that this space is attracting investors who are pouring money into technology developments. So, where are the gaps in automation and which areas are currently under focus?

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Read on how digitization and automation helped streamline the travel program at an Australian university.

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Digitization and Automation  – Case Study
Leading the Way to The Next-Gen


When it comes to business travel, people use their devices even more frequently. For instance, booking travel arrangements, surfing for hotel reviews, expense reporting, or using airport maps of unknown airports. But is this covered in the relevant policies?

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Dorina Santos


Read about unique experiences and personal insights from our procurement professionals across the globe.

Dorina Santos – Senior Consultant, Corporate Travel, Infosys BPM

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