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Everyone’s talking about the success stories of digitally transformed business processes. Yes, using analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence can unleash tremendous efficiencies, effectiveness, and experience. But it almost seems taboo to speak about the myriad challenges of large-scale technology implementations. Notable among these are integration with legacy applications, the headwinds of organizational culture slowing down the pace of change, and the availability of skilled resources.

Organizations mustn’t throw caution to the wind in their headlong pursuit to reap the storied benefits of digital. What they need is an experienced and trusted outsourcing partner to help them navigate around potential pitfalls and perils.

Let’s talk about how Digital BPM can turbocharge your customer experience journey! Come visit us at Booth No: #517, to learn how Infosys BPM’s expertise with digital tech has catalyzed superlative business value for our clients across industries.


When Digital Meets Business Process Management

Digital technologies are affecting the way that outsourcing service providers are conducting business with their clients. Yet, the focus on providing customized omni-channel experiences and leveraging efficiencies through intelligent automation is not making much headway.

What trends in digital will affect an SSO or GBS? How will outsourcing service providers react to these trends?

This panel will explore these questions while also attempting to outline the most current strategic imperatives for outsourcing. The participants will present case studies of organizations where digital transformation has succeeded with the assistance of outsourcing organizations, and try to determine the opportunities for growth in 2019.

Panel Date: March 13, 2019
Time: 9:20 AM Eastern Time


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