Webinar: Finance Transformation Digital Summit

Date: August 03rd Time: 9:00 AM EST / 02:00 PM BST

Topic: The New Normal for Enterprise Finance - Building Finance Resiliency & Scaling the Business

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About the webinar

The words agility, resiliency and digitization were probably the most over-used words during the pandemic, and with good reason, as they form the very basis of the modern and future finance function. With organisations evolving rapidly post pandemic, GBS organisations and Finance functions needs to be come ‘alive’ to future proof their strategy.

As the pandemic caused many organizations to hit the re-set button, and navigate to their next -now is the time to re-imagine enterprise finance.

To assist in moulding your future operating design, this session will cover:

  • What long-term changes have finance departments created during the pandemic?
  • Evolution beyond GBS 3.0 – How a Global organization is progressing through their GBS evolution?
  • What attributes should  a ‘ Live Finance’ organization have ?


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Florence Mui

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Business Services, Philips

Vinay Gopala Rao

VP & Strategic Business Practice Head - F&A
Infosys BPM

Prasanth Nair

Global Practice Engagement Leader, F&A and GBS Services
Infosys BPM