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Powering the Future of Finance Through Blockchain

Date - 29th October 2020
Time - 9:00 AM EDT / 1:00 PM GMT/ 6:30 PM IST

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Blockchain is emerging as an important technology lever in Finance transformation. Its potential to influence is the talking point of this webinar.

We’ll be featuring Everest Group expert Shirley Hung and Infosys BPM F&A leadership – Vinay Gopal Rao & Sandeep Sahadevan who will attempt to demystify the power of its potential and also draw some insights from firm’s recent white paper, “How Blockchain influences Future of Finance”.


Shirley Hung

Everest Group
Vinay Gopal Rao

VP & Strategic Business Practice Head - F&A,
Infosys BPM
Sandeep Sahadevan

Sr. Domain Principal. Head - Key Solutions & Alliances, FCOE,
Infosys BPM


Chaitra Nayak

Global Head - Analyst Relationship - Influencer Relations,
Infosys BPM

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The White Paper

When orchestrated across the marketplace ecosystem, the Digital levers of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and analytics can significantly amplify value for finance and accounting (F&A) functions. While orchestration is challenging, the breakthrough Blockchain technology is creating quite some buzz as a potential solution.

Blockchain promises to dramatically reimagine F&A processes and deliver significant benefits across the value chain. However, enterprises need to realistically assess implementation opportunities based on impact, adoptability and the current challenges to the technology. Those that take the lead in driving the change through evolving partnerships and collaborations stand to gain the most from the Blockchain promise.