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5G and its global implications

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology, and it is expected to bring significant changes and improvements to the way we communicate and access information. Mehul talks about the implications of 5G in the modern world.

Podcast Audio Transcript

Alisha: Hello listeners, this is Alisha; thank you for tuning in to yet another exciting and informative podcast from us at Infosys BPM. Today, we are discussing about 5G and its implications. And to talk about this, we have here with us, Mehul Sanghavi, AVP and Group Manager – Client Services. Welcome, Mehul. How are you?

Mehul: I’m doing great Alisha. Thanks for inviting me to this podcast.

Alisha: It’s our pleasure. Mehul when we talk about 5G, we know that it has several far-reaching implications. Could you touch upon how this technology will change our world?

Mehul: It’s a very relevant question, Alisha. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology, and it is expected to bring significant changes and improvements to the way we communicate and access information. Let me talk about some of the ways that 5G is expected to change our world.

  1. Improved speed and performance: 5G is expected to offer significantly greater speeds and reduced latency than previous generations of mobile technology. This means you can enable a wide range of applications and services that require high-speed and low-latency connectivity, such as virtual and augmented reality, telemedicine, and connected cars.
  2. Increased connectivity: 5G will enable connecting to a larger number of devices than in previous generations. This means we can potentially reach billions of devices. This will ramp up the adoption of new applications and services that require high levels of connectivity, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).
  3. Enhanced experience: 5G will provide a more seamless and immersive experience for users, with improvements in video quality and the ability to support high-bandwidth applications like 4K video streaming.
  4. New business opportunities: The increased speed and connectivity of 5G will create new business opportunities and industries, such as those related to IoT, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
So, in a nutshell, 5G is expected to bring significant changes and improvements to the way we communicate and access information, with potential impacts on a wide range of industries and applications.

Alisha: I agree, several industries will see the benefits of 5G.

We know that large telcos like AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone are working on newer 5G trends. Could you give an overview of this?

Mehul: Sure, Alisha. There are several important trends we see in the market. I will mention a few here.
  • Network slicing, which is the process of creating multiple virtual networks on top of a single physical infrastructure
  • Edge computing, which improves the latency and speed of networks
  • Private 5G networks, which are dedicated 5G networks owned and operated by a single organization
  • Internet of things, and
  • Virtual and augmented reality
As an example, AT&T has developed its private 5G network offering called “AT&T 5G Edge”, which is aimed at large enterprises and government agencies. AT&T has also developed its connected cars platform called “AT&T Drive” which uses its 5G network.

Similarly, Telstra announced Enhanced Enterprise Wireless (EEW) program that guarantees 99.9% wireless connectivity to consumers, touting it as the key step towards unlocking full 5G benefits.

Alisha: That’s brilliant. 5G is indeed one of the most anticipated technologies of our time.

Could you provide details of which 5G-specific services Infosys offers?

Mehul: Absolutely, Alisha.

We are one of the leading providers offering a wide range of services in the 5G space. Let me mention a few areas in which we have helped our clients.

5G strategy and consulting: We help our clients to develop a 5G strategy that aligns with their business goals and objectives. This includes identifying potential use cases and applications for 5G, as well as helping organizations understand the benefits and challenges of implementing 5G.

Network design and deployment: We help organizations to design and deploy 5G networks, including the selection and integration of the necessary hardware and software components.

Network optimization: We help clients optimize their 5G networks to ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively, and to identify and address any potential issues or challenges.

Application development: We provide custom applications and solutions that leverage the capabilities of 5G technology, such as virtual and augmented reality, which is the need of the hour.

Managed services: We offer managed services for 5G networks, including monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure that their 5G networks are operating smoothly and reliably.

Alisha: That’s great. It looks like you are providing end-to-end services in 5G area. Mehul, thank you so much for your valuable time on our podcast today.

Mehul: It was a pleasure, Alisha.

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