It is the era of technology and the race is to become digital. With industries across the vertical embracing technological advancements to gain their digital prowess, they have also realized the importance of empowering procurement processes with digitalization. Having said that, rather looking for replicating or improving earlier used software, the current scenario demands processing procurement digitally using automation, analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and similar user-friendly tools.

In the organized round table discussion, we look forward to our eminent panelists to highlight the nuances as well as all the essential factors that have emerged critical to empower Procurement and its future. A few of intriguing factors of digital procurement and its future.

  • What is the meaning of Digital in Procurement?
  • Is Procurement really embracing all the Digital avenues available?
  • What are the key challenges in implementing digital solutions in Procurement?
  • What is the Digital strategy you have for your Procurement organization?
  • Are there areas where you wish you had a good digital solution in place but none exists in the market?
  • Is RPA in Procurement really doing what you had anticipated?

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