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Building a procurement strategy which is agile, resilient, and cost effective has become more important than ever, especially in the current scenario. Adopting sustainable measures have offered commercial benefits to companies in the past, but the immediate recovery strategies of companies pushed it off the shelves. Amidst this changing paradigm, we bring you two consecutive issues of SpendBytes, wherein we explore the significance of sustainable procurement practices going forward.

In this first of the two-part series of SpendBytes, we talk about sustainable practices and how they continue to hold relevance in the current times. Adoption of sustainable strategies will grow in the near future, basis the gains recorded by business giants in the past.

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Businesses recover operations from the COVID-19

Point of View

As businesses recover operations from the COVID-19 setback, should sustainability be a part of their revival strategies?

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Case Study

Pivoting towards increased environmental responsibility helped in delivering $1.4 Mn in annual savings.

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Annual Savings
Resurrecting travel industry


Incorporating sustainability as the primary value-enabler in procurement can build resilience and attract positive behaviour from business partners.

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Issue 30
Issue 30

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