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As SpendBytes reaches its golden jubilee edition, we attempt to highlight one of the most imperative aspects of procurement - Procurement Risks. As procurement is always surrounded by external risks, such as global events, political events, and vendor relationships, this edition features an essential take on the current factors that are posing significant risks and disruptions of these factors. This edition also dwells deeper in bringing out the personal account of procurement professionals on how they consider building resilience and focusing on Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) as essential tools towards mitigating procurement risks.

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With the Russia-Ukraine war ensuing, Europe is fast becoming a factor impacting supply chains. This paper provides the baseline thinking that can help develop risk scenarios for better risk management strategy.

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In a scenario where Procurement is making buying decisions under conditions of scarcity, economic analysis has emerged as a path finder for the leaders. The time is now ripe for “Resilient Crisis Leadership”.

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With growing consumer awareness on sustainability, adherence to ESG rules has become a sine qua non requirement for businesses world over.

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