Talent management in procurement is one of the key concern areas for CPOs today. Planning for right talent is key to shaping the future procurement organization as a value enabler for businesses across the world. In this edition of SpendBytes, we explore the emerging trends, the multiple roles played by Future Procurement Managers, the issues of talent gaps and how women are slowly gaining foothold in Procurement.

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Although women have started to make a positive impact in the traditional male-dominated segments of Supply Chain – there is still a long distance to cover.

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Women in supply chain
Talent Management in Procurement


As procurement transforms, talent development will play a critical role in bridging the skill gap. Know the reasons for talent deficit and what goes into building a procurement talent bank.



Procurement teams of the future will remodel to fully support businesses. Learn how the role of the procurement manager will evolve for the new normal.

Future of Procurement - Infographic

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