In this edition of SpendBytes, we converge our focus on the Mining industry. We discuss on safety being the number one priority for the mining industry and bring you market insights on one of the key reagents sourced by mining. In our success story section, we present a case example of how Infosys ‘extended team’ delivered a consolidated saving of over AUD 1.35 for a leading client.

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Procurement Sourcing Best Practices


Imbibing Safety as a culture is an imperative for outsourced service provider. Sourcing professionals should keep a keen eye on Risk and safety elements.

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Sodium cyanide is a widely used reagent in processing metals. We deep dive into the demand and outlook for Sodium Cyanide and the challenges involved in the strategic sourcing of this chemical compound.

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Procurement Strategy in Mining Industries
Procurement Process In Mining Industry - Case Study


A constant focus on market innovation and new entrants helps eliminate risk of single vendor dependency for critical services- Know more about how Infosys BPM helped one of its mining clients overcome similar risks and in the process delivered a consolidated savings of over AUD 1.35M

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Hitesh Sharma


Read about unique experiences and personal insights from our procurement professionals across the globe.

Hitesh Sharma, Assistant Manager - Strategic Sourcing, Infosys BPM

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