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The history of Mexico goes back a long way and is as rich and interesting as its culture, ecology and biodiversity. It is considered as one of the five ‘Cradles of Civilization’ as it is the land that gave birth to some of the greatest civilizations including Maya and Aztec. Since then Mexico has come a long way to become one of the modern and emerging global powers. In this edition of SpendBytes, we will discuss how technology is modernizing and enabling an effective sourcing and procurement service delivery in contemporary Mexico.

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Market intelligence: A Value-Multiplier for sourcing projects


Market Intelligence is critical for successfully implementing a sourcing project. Understand how it can empower S&P practices to think beyond by providing powerful insights, evaluating costs and value opportunities for specific categories.

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Learn how Infosys BPM enabled one of its automotive clients reduce third-party containment services cost using spend analysis.

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Modern Procurement Practices
e-Sourcing Platforms for S&P process


e-Sourcing platforms facilitate real-time and endless negotiation between competent suppliers and guarantee transparency. Learn how e-Sourcing platforms can enable ease of communication and transparency in processes amongst stakeholders and suppliers.

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Roberto Banuelos


Read about unique experiences and personal insights from our procurement professionals across the globe.

Roberto Banuelos, Assistant Manager-Sourcing and Procurement, Infosys BPM Mexico

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