Being always-on, everywhereWith mobility enabled self-service

Influenced by pandemic-induced travel restrictions and the digital expectations of their millennial workforces, a growing number of customers and suppliers today demand their financial services to be available 24/7, and accessible from anywhere. Thus, organizations are embracing a new normal of mobility enabled self-service, seeking to enhance experience and reduce costs even while scaling up their customer and supplier base.

The finance departments of tomorrow will deploy vendor portals, self-billing, and e-invoicing facilities for suppliers, and provide customers with conversational finance channels for chatbot assisted transactions. As outcomes, rapid query resolution and the ability to automate more processes will drive great efficiency and user satisfaction. Further, behavioral-analytics will generate predictive consumer insights for effective cross-selling of products.

In sum, Finance.NXT will serve users very differently from how it does now. Read our whitepapers to discover more about finance that is everywhere, all the time.

Insights & Success Stories

The mysterious affairs of the unpaid tax

The mysterious affairs of the unpaid tax

Improved tax collection through prima facie adjustment, better communication, and systematic identification of omitted income.

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