A mind of its ownExtreme automation with artificial intelligence

The powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence, cognitive automation, natural language processing, blockchain, and data mining are maturing rapidly. With ever-improving levels of speed and accuracy, the confluence of these technologies will enable the finance function to move from mere number crunching to providing both predictive and prescriptive insights.

In the finance function of tomorrow, machines with self-learning and self-healing capabilities will efficiently perform traditional processes such as accounts payables, receivables, and reconciliations. Other data-intensive and niche processes such as reporting, taxation, compliance, and treasury, will be processed by artificial intelligence, with humans curating the results and adding value. Finance professionals will thus be freed from drudgery to widen their roles and become strategic interpreters of company data.

In sum, Finance.NXT will think very differently from how it does now. Read our whitepapers to discover more about finance building up its ‘mind’.

Insights & Success Stories

A picture worth a hundred million

A picture worth a hundred million

Enhanced recovery of TDS/TCS late filing fee through data classification, monitoring, and visualization.

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