The Power of Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness involves ensuring one’s conscious presence in every given moment. It improves organizational productivity. In this podcast, Mario explains how mindfulness can greatly benefit individuals as well as how to implement it in an organization.

Podcast Audio Transcript

Alisha: Hello listeners, this is Alisha; thank you for tuning in to yet another exciting and informative podcast from us at Infosys BPM. Today, we are discussing about the power of mindful leadership. And to talk about this, we have here with us, Mario E Pen͂a, Senior Regional Center Head - Mexico. Welcome Mario. How are you doing today?

Mario: I’m doing very well Alisha. Thank you for having me in this podcast.

Alisha: Great to hear that. Mario, talking about today’s fast-paced corporate life, stress is inevitable. How is a more mindful leadership able to restore balance in the workplace?

Mario: That’s a very relevant observation, Alisha. People today are juggling with strict guidelines and pending assignments. The only way they can survive the ever-present workload is by multitasking.

People are expected to be present 24x7 in workplaces, across a number of devices. And you know what it causes? A burnout. Employees are bombarded with overwhelming levels of information that causes stress and anxiety. In this stress-inducing environment, their workload continues to mount but the motivation depletes.

In such tumultuous times, the cultivation of mindful leadership would be extremely beneficial for any organization. An open work culture that makes its employees feel heard could amplify employee satisfaction and eventually contribute to retaining an organization’s talented resource pool.

Alisha: That’s absolutely true, Mario. Now, when we are talking about mindfulness, what can employees expect from that outlook?

Mario: Mindfulness involves ensuring one’s conscious presence at any given moment, paying attention and responding appropriately. This idea helps essentially combat distractions by just being aware. It helps people accept and train the wandering mind to come back to the present moment.

With rampant workplace stress, practicing mindfulness in the workplace aids people to minimize the distractions around them and put their absolute focus on the task at hand, ensuring hyper-productivity. On the other hand, traditional management and conditioned mindsets can inhibit agility among today’s overworked employees.

Alisha: Its’ amazing how this can make employees so productive.

Now, talking about actually implementing this as part of an organizational culture, what are your thoughts?

Mario: Yes, that’s an important question, Alisha. I’d say that we need mindful leaders who can rewrite employees’ mindset and create an unbiased environment. This can give the clarity to people to steer through any unpredictable obstacles. A mindful leader can promote awareness through several key tactics, such as:

  • Focused, non-judgmental interaction
  • Active listening
  • Clarity in work
  • Compassion towards peers

Mindful leaders recognize the importance of a culture based on listening and inventive thinking. This can be achieved easily by democratizing innovations. The benefits of mindful thinking are evident. When a mindful and diversified group of employees are approaching a problem, the results are more innovative than the case of a small strategy or leadership teams.

Alisha: Yes, this sounds like a more result-oriented culture in an organizational landscape.

Could you touch upon the key benefits of mindful leadership?

Mario: Sure. Mindful leadership strives to develop a crowdsourcing within the organization. This encourages employees to connect, collaborate, and brainstorm ideas. Crowdsourcing helps expose problems to a wide range of people with a variety of talents and experiences, thus facilitating more focused problem-solving. So, as you can see, mindfulness is focused on bringing about collective wisdom and an engaged workforce.

Mindfulness can also have a profound effect on individual development as well. As employees learn to minimize distractions and remove stress, they augment their problem-solving skills, divergent thinking, and resilience.

With each individual who chooses to become mindful, a leader is born; with each mindful leader an organization can be transformed; and finally, such evolved organizations can contribute to the betterment of society.

Alisha: That’s amazing how one simple shift in the organizational culture can have a such profound effect. Mario, thank you so much for being part of our podcast today. I am sure our listeners have got something very useful.

Mario: It was a pleasure, Alisha. Thank you.

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