Webinar: CX Network Live

Date: July 14th Time: 03:00 PM BST (10:00 AM EST)

Topic: From Jeeves to Jarvis: The Human Experience awaits

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Vijay Narsapur

Vijay Narsapur

VP - Strategic Business Practice Head - Customer Experience & Human Resource Management, Infosys BPM

Anand Santhanam

Anand Santhanam

VP - Group Manager - Client Services,

Madhusudan (Maddee) Hegde

Madhusudan (Maddee) Hegde

VP - Sales Head,
Infosys BPM

About the webinar

Bertie Wooster had Jeeves and Tony Stark, aka 'Iron Man', had Jarvis to assist them through their travails. Though it may seem utopian, the amplification of human potential leveraging software is a near term reality. The agent experience is critical to getting the eventual customer experience right, and technology can play a critical role in the entire process, from hiring through training to ongoing assessment. However, Infosys believe that this in itself isn’t sufficient, and a more appropriate lens would be to look at the entire process as the human experience. This is where, along with the right technology, design thinking fits in, bringing the best of human creativity beyond solving known problems to finding problems and constantly elevating experience to a new level. Join us as Infosys discuss:

- Why the market for customer service is ripe for a disruptive approach the 'humanware' way.
- The future will be about a combinatorial approach to yield exponential results.
- Why long call wait times, inadequately prepared staff, data fidelity issues and the resulting low NPS scores will be a thing of the past, and experience can and will improve dramatically

While we tackle the mundane issues of customer service, we will leave it to the movies and science fiction to answer more profound questions, such as, 'should I have an apple?'. Jarvis may not proffer an opinion on it, but Jeeves may have said, “An apple a day, well-aimed, keeps the doctor away”.

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Key Highlights

Key Jeeves challenges

  • Long wait times
  • No context across channels
  • Stressful & repetitive processes
  • Lack of access to data
  • Sense of helplessness

Key Jarvis challenges

  • Technology is rigid by definition
  • Experiences with technology are mechanical and non-intuitive
  • Lack of context passing
  • Fantasy of hyper-personalization

Design thinking

  • Technology cannot replace human skill. Instead, use it as a tool to assure delivery and accurately measure performance.

Bringing Jeeves & Jarvis together – the Human-ware Experience

  • Simulated training not scripts
  • Digital knowledge dissemination
  • Technology to help with better feedback
  • Human experience = Machine (intelligence, consistency, scalability, specialization) + human (wisdom, empathy, flexibility, creativity)

NLP will be a prime differentiator in customer experience

  • Natural language question-answering
  • Enterprise spend in AI software & hardware
  • $8 billion spent on NLU software & hardware

Infosys Cortex2, a micro-services-based modular platform with: talent development suite, talent enablement suite, customer experience suite, operations optimization suite.

Human-ware = Cortex2 + Augmented Agents