Success Stories

Reaping the benefits of a truly transformative partnership

The client, a UK based financial service provider, faced a board-level imperative to better engage and support customers, while simultaneously upgrading controls. The client collaborated with Infosys BPM on a multifaceted learning transformation program which aimed at delivering an increased positive customer outcomes and increasing net promoter score (NPS). This involved analysis of external benchmarks, internal quantitative data and qualitative evidence to identify the gaps and mapping them with the learning interventions. It also needed to develop timed plans for discrete projects and consult with leadership teams at both ends to secure input. Both the client and the Infosys BPM teams operated with a high level of transparency in the relationship, and established governance routines to review progress. Lean principles were at the fore, with mistake-proofing, variation reduction, and procedural waste removal – all being deployed at various stages. With this transformation program, the team collectively met all its objectives including 95% good customer outcome standard with an NPS of +57 for customer response. It also helped improve the attrition rate by 9% alongside an efficiency-saving of 17 FTEs, and an improved AHT variance of 20% from 45%.

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