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Worldwide, educational institutions and the corporate sector have embarked on a transformative journey, adopting and integrating new-age learning with digital technologies. The importance of technology in education and learning is undoubtedly the ability to reach more learners faster as well as enhance their experience. With ‘learning on the go’ gaining fast acceptance, students and working professionals are looking for flexibility in and accessibility to learning resources. This is true for teachers and educators as well in institutions or among corporates as technology helps in monitoring performance in real time, remotely assess skills, and encouraging varied learning styles that combine creative and innovative lesson planning. This involves creating asynchronous learning models involving lesson plans based on the learning style and introspection, flipped classroom model, open-ended questions, fail-and-learn scenarios, etc.



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Why to Choose Infosys BPM for Edutech Solutions?

Infosys BPM has a rich legacy as a learning organisation where we have evolved our strategy of reskilling our workforce of 200,000+ employees using digital technology. As an IT organisation, we have gone beyond the conventional learning management system with mobile cloud-based platform, which is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Today, we have leading universities and global organisations using our Edutech services for their learning purposes. Our learning solutions combine deep domain knowledge and strategic programs and process management experience across different industries to enhance productivity and cost efficiency.

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Our next-generation AI-enabled assessment platform is a hassle-free way to remotely assess students or employees at scale. It combines the benefits of low-cost AI proctoring and the high quality of live proctoring. Additionally, it has more than 8 different types of assessments with real-time anomaly detection. These include rubric, multimedia-enabled, behavioural, objective, adaptive, interactive, tool-based, and cloud-based assessments.

Our edutech assessment platform services provide the clients with the flexibility to access the ready-to-use assessment platform for creating, running, and administering tests; virtual proctoring; reporting; and analytics, as well as scheduling and providing online support 24 x 7. These learning assessment platform services help in reducing time, effort, and costs by 60% while conducting secure online assessments for hiring or people development. [ Read more ... ]


Infosys Meridian, our Smart Virtual Event Hosting platform, helps in reimagining work experience and engaging with employees and clients in the digital world. The platform delivers simulated live experience in an immersive virtual environment, allowing for seamless engagement across employees, clients, and value chain partners.

The clients can not only host events on the ready-to-use Meridian platform but can also customise and configure the services for virtual events, scheduling events, and registration of audience; program management support; and 24 x 7 online event support. [ Read more ... ]


Our gamification services help in motivating learners, using game design and game elements in learning environments. Our assessment platform support services include structuring game-based elements, such as virtual points, to complete a set of activities in order to reach a milestone. This results in transforming the mundane stuff by making it more interactive, thereby engaging the learners effectively in the virtual world, which increases satisfaction and promotes healthy competition. [ Read more ... ]


Mitigate academic fraud, misuse and abuse on learning platforms. EduTech players save revenue by identifying and eliminating complex frauds and leakages in their ecosystem by leveraging our three key solutions — EduTech Analytics (pattern detection, identity management), Due Diligence & Automation, and Digital EduTech Operations.


Our Learner Segmentation & Recommendation Services help academic institutions in taking data-driven informed decisions by understanding the learner base and identifying segments of learners with similar course engagement, behaviour, career aspirations, and interests, etc. Our AI/ML based integrated recommendation system supports academic institutions in predicting segment-wise potential learners and suggests personalised course/service offerings, which aids institutions in implementing corrective actions to lower course drop rates. [ Read more ... ]


Infosys BPM offers a next-generation AI/ML supported student prospect experience management solution, which enables micro segmentation from the full spectrum of leads data from various marketing channels and scores them to identify the clusters. It is designed to retain learners through better understanding of behavioral traits and thereby devise new courses and service offerings, and increase recurring enrolment revenues.


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