Learner Segmentation & Recommendation Services

Learner Segmentation & Recommendation Services

Our Learner Segmentation & Recommendation Services help academic institutions in taking data-driven informed decisions by understanding the learner base and identifying learner segments with similar course engagement, behavior, career aspirations, interests, and more. Our AI/ML based integrated recommendation system supports academic institutions in predicting segment-wise potential learners and suggests personalized courses and service offerings, which enable institutions in implementing corrective actions to lower course drop rates.


Why us?

We offer an analytics-based solution which enhances the student prospect experience through various customized AI/ML models which are segmented based on several parameters. As part of this, appropriate marketing approaches are taken by each group through various marketing automation tools.

How we deliver value?

Infosys BPM offers a next-generation AI/ML supported student prospect experience management solution, which enables micro segmentation from the full spectrum of leads data from various marketing channels and scores them to identify the clusters. This can further be used as the focus area for marketing interventions, thereby leading to better conversions. The analytical models also provide other key insights including campaign effectiveness through various customized dashboards.
Our key offerings include:

  • The right mix strategy

    : Segmentation, content, landing pages, ads, social media, right call-to-action, and more
  • Maximize the platform potential (execution)

    : Utilize the full potential of channels/ platforms through analytics
  • Social media trends

    : Quick-to-board on the social platform wagon to listen, act, and engage
  • Content experience

    : Interest or intent based content, collaterals, and content marketing
  • Campaigns strategy

    : Campaign performance tracking and analysis to build a better pipeline

Business Benefits

Our Learner Segmentation & Recommendation services offer a wide range of benefits to clients, such as:

  • Improved learner retention through better understanding of behavioral traits
  • Ability to devise new courses and service offerings, and increase recurring enrolment revenues
  • Personalized campaign messaging and course recommendations
  • Enhanced experience through various customized AI/ML models leading to better conversions
  • Insights on campaign effectiveness through various customized dashboards

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