Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Infosys BPM, we build an inclusive work culture and nurture diverse talent pool. We take pride in being an equal opportunity employer, and our vision is to create a workplace that leverages the power of diversity for sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Code of Conduct governs our inclusion strategy. We do not discriminate or allow harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, military status, or any other legally protected status.

47% Gender Diversity
25% Women in the Leadership Council
124 Nationalities
191 Employees with Disabilities
24% Multicultural and Diverse Employees



Gender Diversity

We’re an equal opportunity employer and take pride in celebrating the diversity of our talent pool. We leverage the power of diversity for competitive advantage and celebrate the achievements of our diversity and talented workforce. To enhance gender diversity, we have initiatives related to hiring, with focus on incentivisation, awareness and sensitisation programs, enablement and support, parity checks on people programs, and so on.

In order to increase the percentage of women employees, we have rolled out several programs, which help women in identifying their potential and move ahead in the corporate ladder.

  • Second Innings: A returnee program for women at mid- and senior levels in conjunction with Aspire for Her, a vendor that operates in the gender diversity space
  • Re-hire programs: Re-hiring women ex-Infoscions
  • Incentivisation programs: Higher incentivisation for women referrals

We have also conceptualised and launched several awareness programs to educate employees about various programs and initiatives.

  • DEI awareness assessment
  • DEI awareness assessment for new joiners
  • Unconscious bias training for hiring managers institutionalised as part of standard training
  • Skill training programs for women returnees (Above Junior Manager Level)
  • Additional awareness programs:
    • Financial awareness sessions, self-defense classes, and senior women leader connect
    • Connecting with ML returnees and helping them integrate with the organization

The percentage of women in leadership roles currently stand at 33%. To enhance this number further, we have a host of programs that encourage women to take up leadership roles.

  • Equity and parity checks across various leadership training programs 
  • PROPEL, an exclusive mentoring program for women in the tenured Junior Manager and Senior Manager bands
  • EDVantage for the Team Lead band
  • SOAR programs for Junior Manager bands
  • Retention analysis and discussions at mid and senior level


  • SOAR (Seize Opportunities & Achieve Resilience): A workshop to elevate the impact of women managers and leverage their unique talents to navigate the business landscape, manage their careers, and drive organisational results
  • Women Wizards Rule Tech (W2RT):  A program on new and emerging technologies
  • EDVantage: A grooming and mentoring program for young women at the Team Lead level to sharpen their overall skills and prepare them for bigger roles in the future.
  • Propel: A program for women employees at Junior Manager and Senior Manager levels to equip them and develop key competencies required to perform their future roles and create a steady pipeline of women leaders (Above Senior Manager level)
  • Other programs: Emotional intelligence and situational leadership programs


Breaking Barriers: Internal/external leadership connect sessions

Breaking Barriers is a platform to showcase leadership from within the organisation and across industries and learn from their inspiring journeys. Through these interactions, employees understand how to build successful careers and gain insights into work–life balance, self-motivation, goal setting, and self-confidence.

Disability initiatives

The Diversity Office collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to proactively hire persons with disabilities. We have employees with disabilities working in core operations and generating revenue for the company. While there is a considerable effort involved in ensuring that these employees are able to work to their full potential, what is remarkable is that we have more than 15% high performers in this group. Currently, the retention percentage due to these initiatives stands at 90%. There is a big thrust in hiring people with disabilities.

Multicultural diversity

Multicultural diversity ensures geographic penetration, multilingual talent, cultural fit, and specific client requirements. We have over 115 nationalities working together, and we celebrate inclusion of race, culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, and much more. To further diversity, we have initiated programs such as Geo Ambassador and Far From the Shores, as well as celebrations of major festivals involving all religions.

LGBTQIA+ programs

The iPRIDE initiative is committed to an inclusive workplace for our employees from the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s an immersive learning experience that was launched to strengthen awareness about people in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum spread across the organisation. The courses span topics ranging from deconstructing gender to paving the way for LGBTQIA+ inclusion at work. These courses are a creative mix of exercises, case studies, and learning, allowing learners an opportunity for deeper self-reflection and mindful awareness. The ERG group provides a safe place for people from the community and their allies to discuss issues related to them.