Infosys Generative AI Business Operations Platform

An AI-first platform to transform business operations, harnessing the power of generative AI

Generative AI for business is no longer a choice, but an important requirement for competitive advantage. It’s undisputed that there are numerous benefits to implementing Generative AI in business. The Infosys Generative AI Business Operations platform is a suite of tailormade, ready-to-use BPM-focused solutions, and responsible design frameworks. A key part of Infosys Topaz , an AI-first set of services, solutions, and platforms using generative AI technologies, the platform enables enterprises to accelerate value-creation and lead the generative evolution.

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Why Choose Generative AI systems with Infosys BPM?

Leverage our state-of-the-art platform to reimagine your business processes, drive AI-first operations, and reinforce AI ethics, while ushering in rapid technology innovation. Find below the key benefits of implementing Generative AI for BPM.

Embedding generative AI technologies into business operations can lead to substantial leaps in your digital journey and help reimagine everything from contact centre experiences to modernising operations . The platform brings the advantage of Infosys Topaz’s 12,000+ AI use cases and more than 150 pre-trained AI models. This foundation helps business operations to stimulate new ideas and fast-track their adoption.

Our AI-first approach empowers operational users to utilise next-generation technologies and platforms to accelerate business outcomes. For example, a Japanese telecommunication provider uses our Generative AI for Business Operations platform to empower 700+ users in navigating complex supply chain operations and to cut down new user onboarding and training timeline by 50%.

AI requires moderation and fortification to be built in at every step, be it input data sources, processing, or output interfaces. Responsible by design is a key tenet our platform that underscores our commitment in upholding ethical standards. Employing a comprehensive framework, we centrally model risk management to address bias and hallucination , while continuously adapting governance to align with legal, security, and privacy guidelines.


Infosys Generative AI Business Operations platform offerings

Generative AI for business processes 

Augment and enhance business operations, with the ability to search, classify, summarize, and generate data.

Generative AI for business insights 

Simplify insights generation, pattern identification, anomaly detection, forecasting, and more, using our platform’s autonomous capabilities.


Generative AI Use Cases

  • Finance and accounting

    Managing transactional queries, interactive cockpit for CFOs, financial planning and analysis, generate financial summaries, draft periodic management reports, and detect anomalies in transaction data.

  • Procurement

    Simplify contracts and compliance management, prepare personalised negotiation responses, build category strategies, and identify deviations in spend analysis.

  • HR recruitment

    Personalise recruitment communication & employee engagement interventions and accelerate employee onboarding.

  • Customer service

    Deliver personalised resolutions, expedite resolution management, generate customer insights, implement more self-service abilities.

  • Insurance

    Accelerate submission summarisation, simplified policy compliance management, automated policy/ claim communications, and self-service benefit explanations

  • Legal

    Summarise policies, contracts, and more; flag important terms to contracts, legal documents, etc.; compare contracts, policies, and highlight variances; draft responses to users

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