Sourcing and Procurement Services

At Infosys BPM, we have built capabilities across services and technology to partner with our clients in their procurement transformation journey. Our sourcing and procurement solutions are designed to provide access to advanced AI-based capabilities, enabling faster decision making.

Sourcing and Procurement Services

Why us?

We extensively leverage design thinking (DT) during solution development, transition, and stable state operations to better understand and define our client’s underlying needs for sourcing and procurement, rather than just address the stated problems. We design solutions that are ‘fit for purpose’ with clients defining what value is important and then ensuring the value is delivered and recognized.

Infosys BPM leverages “Nia”, a proprietary knowledge-based AI platform that brings machine learning together with the deep knowledge of an organization to drive automation and innovation and provide productivity improvements to the tune of 70%-90% in transactional processes. This automation platform provides productivity improvement ranging from 15-50% while enhancing the effectiveness of procurement processes – both upstream and downstream.

Infosys BPM helps organizations improve procurement metrics through descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics solutions. Through advanced analytics in combination with AI, we are now offering Category Digital Cockpit and Procurement Insights services, providing interconnected insights, simulations, and decision support services for senior stakeholders.

Continued investment in highly experienced skillsets and category councils for complete category coverage across indirect, capex, and many direct categories.

We have focused groups continually working towards the creation of various new products / services as well as offerings.


Infosys BPM Diamond Framework for Procurement

Infosys BPM’s Diamond Framework for Procurement holistically spans activities and enablers required to achieve best-in-class procurement status:

Infosys BPM's Framework for Procurement Development

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