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Procurement has always been one of the oldest and yet critical business functions in an enterprise. It has witnessed numerous technological investments in terms of digital enhancement and transformation. However, the challenges that the Procurement function faced a few years ago still exist today. To address these challenges, Infosys BPM has introduced TradeEdge, an enterprise-grade, AI-powered Spend Intelligence offering that will help enterprises in their journey towards a holistic digital transformation.


AI-powered Spend Intelligence offering

The Infosys BPM Spend Intelligence offering is designed to augment an enterprise’s procurement ecosystem with AI-enabled data management, spend classification, and opportunity identification, as well as various leading domain services, to overcome business challenges.

$200+ billion

Spend analysed






Global enterprise clients


  • Enable automated data ingestion with pre-built connectors and adaptors facilitating seamless integration without any alteration to the internal systems
  • Leverage AI for automating supplier and product harmonisation and further enrich by leveraging multiple external data sources
  • Leverage Infosys domain expertise for AI model training
  • Implement AI-enabled data cleansing, quality checks, transformation, and de-duplication


  • AI-enabled spend classification and taxonomy enrichment
  • Leverage rule-based engine, industry-specific knowledge base, and ML models to achieve accurate classification
  • Multilingual and extensible classification (n-level taxonomy supported)
  • S&P experts for data validation and governance of the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) or custom taxonomy


  • Switch from descriptive to predictive analytics with extensive dashboards and predictive analytics capabilities
  • Use Dynamic Guided Opportunity Analysis for continuous identification and validation of improvement opportunities
  • Monitor procurement health in near-real-time through a KPI scorecard and leverage root-cause analysis to identify areas of improvement
  • Leverage more than 100 pre-built dashboards and analysis to gain granular visibility to spend patterns and trends


  • KPI scorecard: A contextual dashboard to track business metrics and associated targets for procurement managers with pre-built drilldowns for each KPI to enable detailed tracking
  • Root-cause analysis: A general purpose tool that allows root-cause analysis on specific procurement business measures as well as enhanced spend visibility across categories, business units, products, etc.
  • Mix-and-trend dashboard: An integrated dashboard comprising of multiple linked analysis that help enterprises to identify the contribution of categories, groups, products, countries, business units, and suppliers to spot associated trends.


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