Sourcing and Support Services

Within the intricate tapestry of an organization's functions, sourcing efforts are like a pair of skilled hands. One hand delicately weaves the threads of category management. Simultaneously, the other hand orchestrates transformative maneuvers, breathing life into transactional processes. In this quest for efficiency, tail spends management, automated channels, and touchless transactions can be harmonized for a reduction in manual labor, thus creating operational excellence.

Infosys BPM’s intelligent sourcing and supplier management solutions are aimed at augmenting year-on-year savings and providing end-to-end services from sourcing to contract, which include spend analysis, sourcing support, RFx management and auction support, contracting, and tail spends management.

Our Expertise in Tail Spends Management

We have a clear understanding of tail spends management challenges, such as poor integration among procurement and contract management systems, high number of sub-categories, siloed working environment, and focus on high value transactions.

Our expertise in mitigating these challenges take the following key steps.

  • Identification:

    We excel at identifying hidden non-compliant spends accurately using advanced technology interventions
  • Process standardization:

    We streamline and harmonize internal processes and remove manual transactions to make data more visible through detailed tail spends management solutions
  • Tail spends mitigation:

    By leveraging big data analytics and AI, we control and map expenditures accurately and ensure compliance across internal policies as well as external regulations

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Why us?

Infosys BPM has nearly 10 years of experience in providing supplier selection, e-sourcing, and RFx management services to many fortune 500 organizations across multiple geographies. We have built several models and added value to the sourcing process for our clients. Our sourcing solutions are directed at achieving the following benefits for our clients:

Sourcing and Support Services

We have a strong analytics domain team focused on sourcing and procurement and solutions like NIA Procurement Insights. Our strategic sourcing team is adept at generating pricing benchmarks and dashboards with heat maps and spend auto-classification, providing right actionable insights to help identify the right sourcing opportunities to develop the e-sourcing pipeline.

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