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Efficiency and productivity like never before. Savings you couldn't imagine in the past. Unprecedented agility by eliminating effort. And processes that have their own intelligence. This is the future of BPM, and it's already here with Infosys BPM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Digital Business Process Management Services

Why us?

Across industries and functions, business processes management services involve a wide variety of rule-based and knowledge-based work. A large part of this can now be automated by integrating robotic process automation technology - enabling straight through, touchless processes and the remaining value-added work done using deep domain capabilities. The result is a near zero-touch process, ensuring innovative service design, improving efficiency, amplifying business value, and enhancing customer experience.

We reimagine business process management with intelligent process automation – a blend of RPA and artificial intelligence – to deliver an innovative business process service stack, built using thousands of hours of learning and testing, and shaped to perfection in varied and complex client environments. And our clients are already seeing impressive results – from thousands of person-hours saved every day to exponential productivity benefits, and million-dollar savings. If you're looking to experience these outcomes and more, it's time to achieve process perfection through Infosys BPM RPA solutions.


Infosys BPM Robotic Process Automation

We follow a platform and technology agnostic approach to automation that focuses on ensuring metrics improvement, savings, and ROI. We work with our clients to provide the following services:

  • 1. Advisory Services

  • - Process and Platform Assessments
  • - Business Case Preparation
  • - Process Validations and Triage Services
  • - SoP Creation
  • - Automation Requirement Capture
  • 2. Pilot and PoCs

  • - Proof of Concept Creation
  • - Rapid Prototyping
  • - RPA Pilot
  • - RPA Roadmap Creation
  • - Automation CoE Setup
  • 3. RPA Delivery

  • - Automation Scripting
  • - Robot Training
  • - Testing
  • - Deployment
  • - Enhancements
  • - Project Management
  • 4. Bot Support

  • - Level – 1 Support
  • - Level – 2 Support
  • - Bot Maintenance, Monitoring, Health Check, and Release Management

Supported by over 1000 RPA consultants and developers, our technology capability extends across our proprietary platform AssistEdge as well as leading third-party tools and platforms.

  1. Third-party platforms: We have implemented leading third-party platforms, including Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Ui Path and WorkFusion for our clients.
  2. AssistEdge: Our award-winning, proprietary, multi-functional RPA platform, implemented for over 150 clients worldwide.

With RPA Service Providers, you're armed with process control at three levels:

  • Monitoring performance of an individual robot
  • Monitoring performance at the process level (e.g., AHT, time taken for each task)
  • Control tower capabilities for RPA-enabled process management, including remote start and stop for an individual robot

The automation and control capabilities put together offer a compelling value proposition.

Our People–Process–Technology Framework

To successfully scale an RPA program, experience and value must be combined across the process and technology domain towers under a unified framework.

  1. People: Effective people handling via planned change management and resource allocations:

    • Domain experts
    • Lean / Six Sigma experts
    • Business Analysts
    • Experienced Developers
  2. Process: Visibility into process standardization, transformation projects (in-flight and new), KPIs, and process business criticality factors:

    • Harmonization
    • Standardization
    • Understanding process KPIs
    • Process compliance and controls
    • Rule-based repetitive tasks assessment
  3. Technology: Understanding the RPA platform, client technology landscape, and in-flight projects for effective tools / applications mix and RPA implementation:

    • Technology landscape – bespoke vs. centralized systems
    • Number of systems touched to complete the process
    • Inflight projects
    • RPA tools know how

Integrate RPA to enhance customer experience

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