Infosys collaborates with HFS Research on Intelligent Automation Operations Study


Infosys is excited to announce that they have collaborated with HFS Research on a research study titled ‘Automation is Back with a Bang!’ The study focuses on understanding how the mindset of enterprises towards automation has changed over the course of the pandemic and the extent to which enterprises have developed joined-up automation disciplines. The study also reveals the state of automation across major enterprises to understand how they intend to get more from existing investments and their future plans as their automation disciplines mature.

The study surveyed 511 Global 2000 Enterprises and included a global, cross-industry, and senior executives (including 20% C-level executives) across both IT and business with strong involvement in their enterprise’s automation initiatives. The research authors are Phil Fersht, Saurabh Gupta and Lee Coulter, and the study was released in September 2022.

Some of the key findings of the study include:

  • Big post-pandemic rebound for automation: The COVID-19 pandemic slowed automation initiatives for 65% of respondents and caused some reprioritization for IT resources. But today, over 70% of respondents say that automation is now an increased priority with stronger C-suite sponsorship.
  • Automation is still too focused on cost and efficiency: Over 75% of respondents reported cost, efficiency, and productivity among the top 3 objectives for automation. When the vast majority of projects are simple or moderate and measured with efficiency and cost metrics, that is what they produce.
  • C-suite wants business impact with automation, while middle-management focuses on productivity: The C-suite is overwhelmingly clear they want to see significant improvements in business outcomes from automation initiatives (73%) compared with their middle management peers running the engagements who are more focused on productivity measures (64%).
  • Headcount reduction with automation has lost relevance: Where both leadership and middle management agree that headcount reduction is a relevant outcome of automation, with only a fifth seeing this as a measurement of success.

About HFS Research

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