Infosys BPM Subsidiaries

Infosys Portland

Infosys Portland is unique in offering optimisation by specialists across the complete procurement and supply chain functions from innovative, high-end strategy to effective, low-cost, transactional processing. The results are lower costs, reduced risks and improved service from external suppliers.

Infosys Portland works with clients from some of the largest companies in Australia and New Zealand to identify, implement, and manage efficiency and effectiveness improvement initiatives. The team has deep expertise in achieving material and profitability improvements, as well as in delivering sustainable internal and external cost reduction.


Infosys McCamish Systems

Infosys McCamish Systems, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the Life Insurance and Retirement Services subsidiary of Infosys BPM Limited. Infosys McCamish was started in 1985 as a virtual insurance company and went to market as a commercial services provider in 1995. It has an outstanding business perspective and an exemplary track record that no other outsourcer of business solutions can claim – generating US$16 billion of recurring premium in less than five years as a virtual insurance company. Infosys McCamish has expert technology and outsourcing credentials, along with a proven business model for re-engineering systems and performing back-office services at a reduced cost, while reinforcing accuracy, speed and security. Seven of the top ten US insurers are among Infosys McCamish’s many BPO clients.


Infosys BPO Americas, LLC

Infosys BPO Americas, LLC specializes in transforming an enterprise’s experience with mortgage consulting, outsourcing solutions, and digital automation. Its mortgage solutions help clients to minimize risk, ensure mortgage quality control compliance, and streamline loan processes.


Infosys (Czech Republic) Limited s.r.o

Infosys (Czech Republic) Limited s.r.o provides business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services for some of the leading brands across the globe. Its client base comprises of market leaders across sectors including automotive manufacturing, sportswear manufacturing, energy and utilities, insurance, pharmacy, healthcare, and more.


Infosys Poland Sp. z o.o.

Infosys Poland Sp. z o.o. offers key business process outsourcing services across areas such as tax management, master data management, finance and accounting, sourcing and procurement, business transformation projects, and auditing; with the implementation of Lean Methodology across the industry, it has focused on further improving business processes.