Procurement Strategy and Consulting Services

In its new role, procurement is expected to be a ‘value enabler. The role of CPO is seen as evolving to that of a trusted business partner and advisor working in sync with the C-suite and procurement strategic decision makers to unlock value through collaboration, manage risks, build sustainability, and enable user experiences.

We have supported multiple clients in their procurement transformation journeys through consulting services, tech-implementation support, and project-based services delivered through our strong consulting and category management division, Infosys Portland.

Combining our specialist expertise, experience, and technology – we help propel our clients towards their procurement transformation vision by developing client capabilities, creating effective procurement strategies and planning and roadmaps for innovation, designing operating models, and handholding them during the change process.

Procurement Strategy and Consulting Services

Our offerings

If you are looking at holistically strategy for your sourcing and procurement performance, augmenting your capabilities, or investing in a new technology, we have the right solution for you. Our comprehensive range of procurement consulting services include:

  • Procurement transformation and strategy development
  • Technology assessment and digital procurement strategy creation
  • Spend analytics
  • Opportunity assessment and diagnostics
  • Capability assessment, consulting, and training

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Why us?

The Infosys BPM procurement strategy approach focuses on:

  • ‘Deriving overall value’ from end-to-end procurement processes rather than just being ‘focused on savings’
  • ‘Managing risks and sustaining businesses’ than just ‘fulfilling supply requirements’
  • Being ‘proactive and predictive’ and leveraging the power of AI, robotics and deep analytics ‘Glocal, segmented, and customized approaches’ rather than ‘one size fits all strategy’

Hence, clients engage with our procurement strategy and consulting services for a number of reasons, including:

  • Seeking to drive a rapid change / turnaround in their business performance underpinned by a step change in procurement performance
  • Not having sufficient internal capabilities and seeking to augment their capability and upskill their internal team(s)
  • Having strong internal capabilities but are under-resourced to achieve their goals and targets within the required time frame
  • Seeking to undertake a major structural / transformational change and need support developing and implementing the right solution
  • Having advanced capabilities and resources but are seeking the procurement strategy providers to challenge the status quo and bring in new ideas

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