Scoring and Assessment Services

Scoring and Assessment Services

Our next-generation AI-enabled Infosys Wingspan Assessment services provide a hassle-free way to remotely assess students or employees at scale. Our services combine the benefits of low-cost AI proctoring and the high quality of live proctoring. Additionally, we offer more than 8 different types of assessments with real-time anomaly detection. These include:

  • Remote proctoring
  • Rubric-based assignments
  • Multimedia-enabled
  • Behavioral tests
  • Objective/ adaptive/ interactive tests
  • Tool/ cloud-based assessments


Why us?

Infosys Wingspan Assessment services provide the flexibility to access the ready-to-use assessment platform for creating, running, and administering tests, virtual proctoring, reporting, and analytics, while also providing scheduling and 24x7 online support.

How we deliver value?

Our assessment services help in reducing time, effort, and costs by up to 60%, and also help in conducting secure online assessments for hiring as well as people development.

Business Benefits

Infosys Wingspan Assessment services offer a wide range of benefits to clients, such as:

  • Conduct secure assessment – AI-based proctoring
    • Real-time, AI-based automated anomaly detection, based on the feeds from the candidate’s webcam
    • Intelligent audio tracking and anomaly detection based on machine learning to detect conversations during a test
    • Real-time tracking of candidate’s time spent outside the assessment screen to detect viewing of other websites
    • Restriction on attempts to copy content into or out of the assessment screen, detection of key press patterns for restriction of copying
    • Consolidated and intuitive anomaly and plagiarism report for each candidate, with recommendations on actions to be taken
  • Intelligent reporting and analysis
    • Plagiarism reports and anomaly analysis for scrutinising and disqualifying candidates with malpractices
    • Detailed topic-wise dashboards for each candidate
    • Admin dashboards for summarised analysis of performance
  • Multiple assessment types
    • Choose from basic objective type questions such as single answer, multiple correct answers, and fill in the blanks, to coding skills in over 15 popular coding languages with fully automated functional checks, performance, and static code analysis
    • Test skill proficiency with adaptive tests where difficulty adapts to the performance of the candidate
    • Test behavioral skills in behavioral simulations and expert feedback workflows for soft skill assessments
    • Effective hands-on learning of client server tools and technologies, such as SAP and Oracle

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