The Art of Anticipation: Proactive Customer Service Strategies

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Customer Care Services

We provide Customer Care Services across the lifecycle of our clients’ customers through multiple channels such as voice, email, chat and other digital channels.

  • Sales Support
  • General Enquiry
  • Technical Support
  • Collections
  • Retention/Loyalty Management
  • Up-sell and Cross-Sell

Why us?

We have evolved with the Industry in the following tracks:

  • Channels of Support

    - We have moved from Limited support channels to fully integrated digital and social channels, video interaction along with cross channel analytics
  • Technology

    – From basic telephony and CRM system to cross channel analytics facilitated through integrated technology including cloud based contact center technology
  • Workforce Management

    - Limited work force management – fixed staffing and schedules to Analytics based work force management with automated agent self-service options (i.e. Shift Bids)
  • Pricing

    - FTE based pricing structure to outcome based pricing structure
  • Quality Management

    - Ad-Hoc quality management lacking consolidated reporting and trending to quality program includes real time balanced scorecard feedback and tailored development programs
  • Reporting

    - Reporting - Manual reporting to integrate all channels and CRM customer profile data
  • Training

    - Limited process documentation with informal paper based training to training materials linked via KM system that includes compliance, readership tracking and agent involvement
  • Self Service

    - No self service capability to Advanced self-service through IVR with voice recognition and fully integrated digital and social channels

Redefine end-to-end customer experience


How BPM Customer Care as-a-Service Delivers Value?

We have created outcomes for our clients by

A Customer Service Strategy by understanding your customers, different customer segments and requirements from each customer segments

Key Activities

  • Prioritize customer requirements
  • Define and Implement Customer Service Strategy
  • Assess and refine based on changing needs and expectations

Drive accountability across agents, supervisors, management and third-party vendors for delivering high class service.

Key Activities

  • Balanced scorecard-based approach from top to bottom
  • Monitor every interaction with the end users
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and prioritize the factors that drive CSAT

Improve customer relationship through increased up-sell and cross-sell. Use insights through analytics to extend the relationship across different customer segments.

Key Activities

  • Focus on up-sell and cross-sell strategy
  • Sales based training modules
  • Customized sales offerings
  • Collaborate on marketing campaigns

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