Infosys BPM Geospatial services apply digital technology to address the mapping needs of the customers. We have been providing a range of GIS services for 20+ years for our clients globally, resolving their business/IT problems across industry segments such as Utility, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Mining, Transport, and Services through proven Infosys Global Delivery Model. Over the years, we have been involved in delivering services like mapping, collection, gathering, storing, processing, integrating, managing, analysing, and distributing map data. We have been focusing and investing heavily on project-ready GIS to cater to sudden demand surges and routine challenges from our clients with respect to provisioning, outage, field/fleet operations, disaster, data quality, and so on.


2 Billion+
Map users assisted to Navigate per month

4.1 M+
Business listings managed per month

55 K+
Miles of Electric assets / month created


Work units
handled per year

> 50%
Effort Reduction
by automation

> 99%

Client Success Stories

How do you accelerate self-driving trucks? #ThinkSpatially

With self-driving trucks proving to be of great value in hazardous mining sites, a global mining giant sought to accelerate its automated trucking initiative. Thinking spatially with Infosys helped the company rapidly annotate thousands of aerial images covering a vast mining area, to help train the trucks to navigate the uneven terrain.

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How do you map a bridge that spans the globe? #ThinkSpatially

Telecom networks are like bridges connecting people but stretched out across the globe. Thinking spatially with Infosys helped a leading telecom company map its global network assets and gain significant benefits.

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How do you modernize a power grid serving millions of customers? #ThinkSpatially

Obsolete electrical infrastructure creates huge distribution inefficiencies especially when you’re serving millions of customers. That’s why a large distribution company sought to upgrade its grid through an empowered field engineering team. Thinking spatially with Infosys BPM helped migrate the data for over 77000 facilities from legacy maps to a modern new enterprise GIS platform.

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Imagine what rust can do to thousands of miles of oil pipelines. Unless you #ThinkSpatially

Undetected corrosion on oil pipelines raises significant environmental, financial, and human risks. That’s why an oil and gas corporation with a pipeline network spanning several national boundaries required a geo-referenced pipeline database. Thinking spatially with Infosys BPM helped create an accurate model for digital monitoring of assets while also reducing operational costs by 20%.

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