Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Support


Mortgage loan repurchase demands have been a problem for loan originators for many years. The subprime mortgage loan crisis exacerbated this further. The fall-out as a result of the crisis coupled with the housing bubble burst led to a massive increase in repurchase demands. Therefore, all aspect of governing representation and warranty agreements is carefully scrutinized to justify repurchase demands and/or rescind any application insurance coverage issued.

Lenders must repurchase loans and make whole demands or indemnities. Even as the crisis subsided, mortgage loan repurchase demands continue to persist. Tighter credit and underwriting standards in recent years have led to investor’s increasing purchased loans scrutiny and demanding buy-back or indemnification at the slightest hint of red flags.


Why us?

With an average industry experience of over 27 years, our team of seasoned credit practitioners has experience in all aspects of lending operations, including origination, quality control, closing, post-closing, warehousing, repurchasing, and rebuttal responses to aggregators, insurers, agencies and GSEs.


How do we deliver value??

Our team has previously worked as entities or outsourced vendors in leadership capacities for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, aggregators, and investors issuing repurchase demands. This has given them the first-hand experience on GSEs, US DOJ, aggregators, and investors focus and their support strategies when it comes to repurchasing and indemnification demands.

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